February 3, 2023

You might consider selling your products online. You may still believe that your business doesn’t need an Internet presence. Any business needs to be present online today.

Every year, we see an increase in online sales. Companies have two options: either set up an eCommerce site or subscribe to a Marketplace.

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Although the first option is interesting, it can be time-consuming and requires research. Your online point-of-sale can be a valuable resource that will help strengthen your brand.

However, we may not have the time or the knowledge to make it. So how do we create one? We come to the second question, the marketplaces.

5 Advantages of Being in a Marketplace

  1. Cost savings: In the marketplaces, you won’t have to invest a lot to get your website up and running. Instead, you can pay a monthly fee or a percentage of your sales to cover your costs. You can make sales online by selling through these spaces without having to invest a lot.
  2. Online payments are made much easier by being part of a Marketplace. It is simple to pay the Marketplace and then the Marketplace will pay you. You can save money on your banking costs by using this service.
  3. Positioning: Being one of the first results on Google is no easy task. This requires a commitment of time and money. In the case of marketplaces, we save all that effort.
  4. Synergies With Products from Other Vendors: It is easy to create connections between products. You might be interested in selling gasoline. You might be interested in selling necklaces and being in shops that sell accessories. As in so many stories, one thing leads to another.
  5. Many marketplaces offer logistics. You can use them to manage your logistics on many occasions. These services are not offered by all marketplaces, but they are available in many.
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5 Drawbacks of Being in a Marketplace

  1. Marketplaces can be risky because of the increased competition. Your products are being put forward to compete against other products with similar characteristics. Make sure that your product stands out from the rest. This will ensure that you get more customers.
  2. Review and adjustment of prices. You will need to keep an eye on the prices and offers of your competitors. You should always adjust the price of your products so that you don’t lose out to your competition in sales because they have a lower price.
  3. You cannot present your product without following the Marketplace’s guidelines. Each has its own rules so be sure to follow them.
  4. It’s more difficult to build a brand because people who shop in marketplaces compare products and not brands. A Marketplace is not the place for companies looking to improve their image.
  5. A Marketplace can be costly if you have high sales volumes.

Is it better to choose the Marketplace over eCommerce?

For those who are just starting in eCommerce, Marketplaces can be very appealing. A Marketplace is an excellent alternative for companies with limited budgets. You can also make offers and liquidations.

Even if you have an eCommerce, placing a portion of your products on a Marketplace will diversify your offer. This is the best option for those products you don’t want to see on your website anymore.

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